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Intellectual Property

One of our high-tech client companies has been involved in the research, manufacture, marketing and distribution of new polymer products used for applications such as insulation, shock-absorption and cushioning. Products manufactured by the company have been used in ships, airplanes and in the space shuttle. On behalf of our client, we instituted a trade secret and patent misappropriation lawsuit. We were able to invalidate certain of the defendants’ patents and obtain a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction prohibiting the defendants from continuing to practice any of our client’s technology. The lawsuit was settled, with the defendants agreeing to a permanent injunction. Through our efforts, we also were able to persuade our client’s liability insurer to pay a significant portion of our client’s legal fees.

Another of our clients manufactures electrical switching equipment used in a variety of applications such as controlling the power supply to buildings or major pieces of equipment. We have represented it in a variety of matters, including a range of labor issues. In particular, we have negotiated its collective bargaining agreements. We also represented it in several discrimination charges, all of which were dismissed. In addition, we represented it as plaintiff in a lawsuit in which it sought a declaratory judgment of patent invalidity and non-infringement. We successfully obtained a judgment of invalidity on all significant patent claims on motions, avoiding the expense of trial.

We have successfully designed numerous professional services agreements and licenses for our high-tech clients to enable them to avoid protracted negotiations and allow them to focus on getting business in the door. We have also negotiated enterprise-wide license agreements on behalf of the purchasers of high tech services and software licenses, including assisting them in identifying the warranty and implementation issues that often get overlooked.