Not loads of lawyers, just really great ones.


A client who was forced out of his business by his partner came to us over two years later to investigate the price that he was paid in his buy out. We found irregularities in the buy out and filed suit against the company and our client's former partner. In the course of the case we successfully handled an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals that established new rules for determining the limitations period for bringing securities actions in private transactions. We obtained a settlement for our client that increased the price paid for his stock by 1000 percent.

The Firm defended class action lawsuits brought against various mortgage service companies alleging that the companies withheld too much money in escrows, calculated rate adjustments incorrectly or otherwise failed to administer the loans correctly. While clients defended by other firms engaged in costly discovery, we were able to limit discovery, prevent most of the cases from proceeding as costly class actions and obtain dismissal of the other cases for our clients without payments in settlement.

A client boarding a plane at O’Hare Airport got involved in an argument with a gate agent. The gate agent had her arrested. We obtained a dismissal of the criminal charges against her. We then achieved the largest reported false arrest/false imprisonment jury verdict to date against a private company in Illinois.